Current Exhibitions


Suvi Bains

The Great Hall
October 29, 2015 - January 3, 2016

Curated by Laura Schneider

Fraser Valley artist Suvi Bains explores the outer boundaries of one of the Sikh private and personal articles of faith—kesh, or Sikh men’s unshorn hair. As a defining aspect of Sikh religious and cultural ethos, kesh is both highly visible and highly personal because of the practice of wearing turbans. Bain’s project captures the intimate acts of unfurling, grooming, tying, and wrapping of hair with a turban, embodying both a moral and spiritual response to the Sikh faith.

Steve Stanczyk

The Grotto
October 29, 2015 - January 3, 2016

Stanczyk explores the colour relationships that can be achieved with an experimental silkscreen process that uses a photograph of light reflections as its compositional starting point.


The Radcliffe Line and Other Geographies
Sarindar Dhaliwal

The Great Hall
October 29, 2015 - January 3, 2016

Sarindar Dhaliwal, the cartographer’s mistake: the Radcliffe Line (detail), 2012,Chromira print, 27” x 27” (detail)

Toronto-based artist Sarindar Dhaliwal was born in the Punjab, India and raised in London, England before moving to Canada in 1968. Dhaliwal’s work reflects on the dissonance of the immigrant experience, often addressing her childhood experience and perceptions of Eastern and Western customs. This exhibition brings together monumental works from Dhaliwal’s oeuvre of the last twenty years.
Curated by Marcie Bronson
Organized and distributed by Rodman Hall Art Centre/Brock University

Tourism Abbotsford (Marketing), Satwinder and Parm Bains (Funding)