Community Art Space

The Reach preserves and shares the stories of Abbotsford’s rich and diverse cultural heritage and showcases the best in arts from both inside and outside the community.

We have a longstanding commitment to presenting community-based art works at The Reach. We partner with organizations, from within the arts community and from broader fields of interest, who have undertaken visual arts initiatives to create visibility for their efforts. Our Community Art Space is an application-based opportunity for all community groups to exhibit art projects at The Reach. Whether you are an art club or society, a school group, or a social services organization, if you have works of art you’d like to present, we’d like to hear from you!

The Reach’s Community Art Space is also used for many of The Reach’s programs. With that comes certain accommodations that need to be observed. When a program is taking place in the studio the community art exhibition will not be accessible to the public. The Reach reserves the right to close the Community Art Space at any time without notice for programming use.

Application Process

Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis from community groups or organizations.

Community group members are responsible for the delivery, installation, and take-down of all artworks. Publicity for the exhibition and opening reception will be a co-effort on the part of the community group and The Reach.

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What kind of art will you accept?

Due to the multipurpose nature of the Community Art Space, only 2D artworks will be considered for exhibition. Some relatively flat 3D artworks will be considered if they are compatible with wall hanging.

Who is responsible for transportation of artworks to and from The Reach?

The community group or organization.

Can we store our packaging materials from the artworks at The Reach while the artworks are on display?

Unfortunately, due to the limited storage capacity at The Reach, no packaging materials can be stored on premises during the run of the exhibition.

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How many people are needed from our group/organization for installation of the artworks?

Approximately 3 to 4.

Can we drop off artworks before our installation date?

Unfortunately, due to the limited storage capacity at The Reach, no artworks can be stored on premises leading up to the installation date.

Can we leave artworks at The Reach after our exhibition has ended?

Unfortunately, due to the limited storage capacity at The Reach, no artworks can be stored on premises after the end of the exhibition.

Will we have an opening reception?

All Community Art Shows will have the opportunity to be a part of an opening reception at The Reach.

What will the opening reception be like?

Depending on the schedule of exhibitions your opening reception may coincide with other opening receptions at The Reach and could be as large as 500 people or as small as 30 people. This depends a lot on how many people the community group or organization invites. Light refreshments will be served and beer and wine will be available by donation. Brief speeches by representatives of The Reach, community groups or artists will take place.

Who will speak at the opening reception?

Depending on the exhibitions, various artists, Reach representatives, dignitaries, funders or group leaders may choose to speak.

Who is responsible for promoting the exhibition and opening reception?

The Reach and the Group or Organization will work together to create promotional material. The group or Organization is responsible for promoting their exhibition with these co-created materials.