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Prospera Credit Union have once again demonstrated their commitment to arts and heritage based learning by increasing opportunities for families to experience hands-on family programming at The Reach Gallery Museum Abbotsford. For 2017, Prospera will be offering more funding to support the popular Sunday Family Arts program.

With the additional funding from Prospera, in its sixth year of investing in family creativity, The Reach will now offer two free sessions on each of the bi-weekly scheduled Sunday Family Arts dates. “We have seen a huge increase in the demand for this program over the past year,” says Laura Schneider, Executive Director at The Reach. “It is so exciting to have a community partner who understands the importance of this program to families and is willing to respond so generously.”

Anna Williams, Education Programmer at The Reach states, “The program is so important as it gives kids and families time to bond in a creative environment and encourages a variety of learning styles. It means that families can take part without having to worry about the cost.” The Reach arts facilitators take great pride in designing fun and playful new arts and heritage projects that relate to current exhibitions.

“Investing in the well-being of children and families in our community is always money well spent,” says Prospera Credit Union’s President and CEO, Shawn Good. “There is plenty of research to show that participating in art, music, movement and storytelling activities not only develops language, mathematics, science and social skills, it also strengthens the synapses between brain cells. That’s important since research also shows that at infancy a child has all the synapses needed to speak any language, to learn and appreciate music and movement, and to create visual art…but these must be used in order to be developed.”