Past Exhibitions

Ambivalence Blvd

27.09.18 - 06.01.19

In 2009 Averns was embedded with Canadian troops in the Middle East as a part of the Canadian Forces Art Program, gaining access to first-hand art-making in areas of conflict. This exhibition will include examples of the resulting large-scale photographic works and a survey of Averns’ evolving series of performances and videos also titled Ambivalence Blvd (1999–ongoing). A cogent investigation into the use and control of public space, Ambivalence Blvd has been continually updated to reference contemporary events and sites of power, including the 2010 G8 Summit and the 2016 US primaries.


Image Credit: Dick Averns, Retired Observation Posts (MFO North Camp, Sinai), 2009, archival digital print on aircraft grade aluminum, 40 x 56.5”, Courtesy of the artist


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