Past Exhibitions

Community Visions

20.09.08 - 04.01.09

Community Visions was the first exhibition of local artists that offered an eclectic and diverse range of visual experiences.

This exhibition featured 19 local artists who explored Abbotsford’s history and cultural diversity and investigated issues including immigration, multiculturalism, industry, the environment and the Sto:lo First Nations. The art works were selected by jury and explored three themes that reflected significant aspects of Abbotsford history and culture: People of the Valley, highlighting the Sto:lo people, immigration and multiculturalism; People of the Land, exploring commerce, industry and agriculture; and People of the River, examining how the natural waterways influenced the environment and people who lived in this region. The participating artists provided the public with a unique opportunity to learn about the community from diverse perspectives and make creative connections between visual art and the historical exhibition in a dynamic way.

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