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Dūje Pāse toñ (From the Other Side): Arts Across the Border, From the Two Punjabs

27.05.21 - 04.09.21

This exhibition brings together the work of 22 international artists who all participated in a series of artist residencies on the Indian and Pakistani side of the once-united cultural/linguistic region of Punjab.

The artists were invited to create works that reflect on the impact and experience of Partition, and encourage reflection on our understanding and experiences of borders more generally.
Artists: Taha Ahmad and Kanza Fatima, Sayera Anwar, Jason Baerg, Manvi Bajaj, Rachita Burjupati, Nina Celada, Hifsa Farooq, Jawad Hussain, Sana Iqbal, Atul Jith, Rohma Khan and Shabnam Khan, Krishna Luchoomun, Shashank Peshawaria, Jagdeep Raina, Raghavendra Rao K.V., Ratika Singh, Samia Singh, Sreshta Suresh, Risham Syed, Gavati Wad

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