Past Exhibitions

Glow: Nature’s Exploration with Light Sculpture

08.04.10 - 06.06.10

Glow is an exhibition of light sculptures inspired by old botanical illustrations. Sylvie Roussel-Janssens developed her own techniques.

Using a soldering iron, she burns small holes in synthetic fabric and sews photocopies of found images. The integrated lighting reveals complex images of flowers and gardens. Sylvie has always been interested in the strong design of traditional cultures from all over the world. West coast first nation carvings, Australian Aborigine sand painting, Japanese paper cutting and Celtic designs are a few of her sources of inspiration. The natural world, from the microscopic to the infinitely large offers an endless number of patterns. Using organic forms such as trees and flowers Sylvie explores the dynamic relationship between the positive and negative space. In this exhibition, Sylvie has focused on the decorative aspect of her work. By extensively researching the use of pattern, Sylvie has created her own language. Influenced by design traditions, Sylvie has created vibrant light sculptures with a sense of magic.

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