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Jorden and David Doody: The Dreaming Machine

01.10.21 - 08.01.22

*The Dreaming Machine* presents a showcase of new work by the Kelowna-based, husband-and-wife team of Jorden and David Doody.

Known for trippy, immersive installation works that probe at the intersection between the virtual and the physical worlds, the Doodys produce work that desires to understand how individual and collective consciousness is impacted by the proliferation and saturation of images in contemporary screen culture.

The postmodern experience is characterized by the dislocation of images from their point of origin, and their infinite replication and reinsertion into a constellation of new formats and contexts. Detached from their original frame of reference, images acquire new meanings rooted solely in their transformation and replication. The Doodys question the nature of the “real” and embrace the ambiguity of postmodern imagery, reveling in the tidal wave of changing meaning.

Image credit: Jorden and David Doody, *The Walking Jay,* 2021, acrylic on canvas, 5 x 7 in.

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