Past Exhibitions

Maps of Weather

Will Downing
05.02.15 - 01.03.15

Maps of Weather presents a recent body of mixed media artworks by Willa Downing. Works in the exhibition consist of creative depictions of weather on real or imagined maps.

The rational, grid-like structures of the maps are contrasted with the much more organic shapes used to describe natural phenomena.

This visual relationship mirrors the human impulse to delineate and measure the world around us, and the unpredictability of weather. By extension, the layers of drawing and integrated materials Downing uses to create these works remind us of the impact that humans have upon our environment, and, conversely, the way that weather shapes our lives. Through the lenses of mapping, scientific phenomena and artistic imagination, Downing offers a reading of our place in the world that is at once reasoned and poetic.

Willa Downing, Maps of Weather

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