Past Exhibitions


Judith Currelly
29.09.16 - 08.01.17

Judith Currelly has been painting for over 30 years and has developed a distinct style that is a vehicle for her ongoing exploration of the interrelated conditions, patterns and structures that occur between land, sky, water and lifeforms.

Inspired by the stark and vast landscapes of Northern British Columbia and the Yukon, every aspect of her life — from homesteader to artist to bush pilot — is influenced by the land. Beyond the reminder of our absolute reliance on the environment for our survival, the artists’ work also prompts audiences to consider the intangible, spiritual qualities that connect humankind to our surroundings, and the importance of this to our collective well-being.

Image credit: Judith Currelly, Calving Grounds, 2006, oil on wood panel, 60″ x 120″.

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