Past Exhibitions

Molten Obsessions

28.06.12 - 09.09.12

This exhibition showcases contemporary glass bead-making and marks the seventh exhibit of new and experienced glass bead-makers.

These artists push the traditional boundaries of bead-making with a focus on individual style and experimentation. The exhibit features art glass beads on their own, as well as art glass beads used in finished jewellery or sculptural work. Pacific Pyros is a group of glass bead-makers based in Vancouver, BC with members from across BC and as far away as Manitoba and Washington. It was formed in 2001 when local bead-makers, feeling alone in their endeavours, starting making contact with others for informal get-togethers. The club has been bringing bead-makers together for demos, exchanges, shows and social gatherings ever since. Pacific Pyros’ mandate is to promote glass beadmaking, educate and have fun.

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