Past Exhibitions


28.06.12 - 09.09.12

The inspiration for these new works came from charcoal drawings that Jeff Sawatzky had done a few years ago.

These images were reworked and applied to wooden panelling which was sourced from post consumer facilities. These surfaces were gradually built up over time with material being collaged on then partially scraped off to reveal the previous layers. This process would repeat as the image developed eventually leading to a visual conclusion. In creating these paintings Jeff used everything he had at his disposal in the studio – from spray paint to wax to motor oil. They are the result of which he believes embodies a quiet vibrancy that in its many layers portrays a history sometimes hidden yet always beautiful. Procession was chosen as a title for this project as the journey these works have been on are an evolution and continuing education for him as an artist. The selection of these works was used to represent the discovery and challenges of committing to new subject matter and techniques.

Jeff Sawatzky, Skull, 2010, Acrylic on panel

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