Past Exhibitions


24.05.18 - 02.09.18

Saskia Jetten’s work is grounded in printmaking but includes drawing, soft sculpture, and stop-motion animation. In this new body of work, Jetten continues to explore familiar themes through a series of stylized, ungainly figures. The work explores identity and inter-personal relationships, often using the theme of masks and masquerade and the figure of the clown as they relate to the theatre of public behaviour. These works also push forward the possibilities of print as a medium and printmaking as an artistic practice, through the use of repetition, reflection, the multiple, stop-motion animation, and motion as conveyed through still frames.

Image credit: Saskia Jetten, Living up?, from the series Parade of the Fearful, 2018, stone lithograph, linocut, and collograph on paper and silk, thread, fibre fill, frame and bookbinding, 135 x 100 x 5 cm. Image courtesy of the artist.

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