Past Exhibitions

Punjabi Visions

27.10.11 - 08.01.12

The Reach Gallery Museum Abbotsford presents the Contemporary Punjabi-Sikh exhibition in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Khalsa Diwan Society Sikh Temple in Abbotsford.

This exhibition brings together regional, national and international artists who explore the social memories and cultural heritages of the Punjabi/Sikh communities. The artists in this exhibition employ various visual strategies revealing original and unconventional approaches that are characteristic of some of Canada’s most divergent, rising visual artists.  These strategies include: exploration of spiritual, religious and mythological systems, exploration of symbols that are identity specific to the South Asian Diaspora, investigation of  themes including consumer culture, desire, security, militarism and human rights, the history of South Asian immigration to Canada, and intervention into colonial narratives about Punjabi/Sikh history.

Sarindar Dhaliwal, Putting Off The Washing up (detail), mixed media.

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