Past Exhibitions

States of Matter

29.09.16 - 08.01.17

Developed in collaboration with the Two Rivers Gallery, Prince George, this exhibition presents the work of Vancouver artist Ruth Beer who uses sculpture, woven structures and video to address the interlaced relationships between extracted resources, such as oil and copper, and the environment and culture.

Copper is a culturally significant material for many BC First Nations, but is primarily viewed by Western cultures as a highly valued commodity. Oil is one of the most pervasive substances in our daily lives— powering economies, shaping political decisions, and fueling debates—yet it is largely invisible to us. Ruth Beer addresses the ambiguous material and conceptual properties of these substances through sculpture, video and fibre-based works. Tracing the movements of these substances from their subterranean origins to their environmental impacts, the artist tests the possibilities of beauty and vulgarity in the convergence of oil, soil, water and sky.

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