Get Creative with The Reach in the Canada Day Shoe Box Parade

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 Canada Day in Abbotsford won’t look the same this year, but The Reach has created an opportunity to for citizens of all ages to get involved and share their community spirit. The Shoe Box Parade invites everyone to create their own miniature float, photograph it, and submit it for a video feature that will premiere on July 1 for Canada Day. In addition to marking the annual holiday, the video will become a part of The Reach’s historical collections as a way to remember the unique ways the community has adapted during the pandemic. 

“We see this as a chance for our whole community to get creative,” says Diana Hiebert, Curator of Learning and Community Engagement at The Reach. “We’ve called it a ‘shoe box parade’ to suggest that participants might make a miniature float out of a shoebox, but we’re really hoping that people will be resourceful and use their imaginations. Those qualities have truly been a hallmark of the pandemic experience, so this will be a fun way to document the spirit of the time.” Participants are encouraged to use whatever materials they have on hand to create a float inspired by their favourite thing about Abbotsford. Some suggestions include decorating a plastic toy car or truck, a wagon, or a bicycle, or even dressing up a pet. 

The Reach will premiere the virtual parade through its social media channels on July 1 at 12:00 pm. To be a part of this one-of-a-kind community event, email your submission to Diana Hiebert, Curator of Learning and Community Engagement at The Reach. For more details on how to submit, visit

The Community-Wide Shoebox Parade at The Reach @ Home is made possible by generous funding support from Prospera Credit Union.