Field Trips: Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a 1hr Tour cost?

$3 per participant.

How much does a 2hr Tour & Try cost?

$5 per participant.

How many students can I bring for a 1hr Tour?

Minimum 5, maximum 30.

How many students can I bring for a 2hr Tour & Try?

Minimum 5, maximum 60.

What is a Tour & Try?

The Tour & Try program consists of a one-hour, docent-led tour of current art OR heritage exhibitions and a one hour, hands-on, exhibition-related activity in our studio.

What grade/age students can I bring?

Kindergarten to Grade 12 or 4 years old and up.

Are field trips only for school groups?

No, any group of 5 to 60 people can request a field trip.

When can I book the field trip?

Field trips can be booked Tuesday to Friday, between 10:30am and 2:30pm.

How do I request a field trip?

You can complete a booking request form in person at The Reach or on-line.

How far ahead do I need to book the field trip?

Three weeks notice is required to book a field trip.

What is Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS)?

A method initiated by teacher-facilitated discussions of art images and documented to have a cascading positive effect on both teachers and students. The Reach bases many of its art related exhibition programs on a modified VTS method.

What are Historical Thinking Concepts?

Taken together, the 6 historical thinking concepts tie “historical thinking” to competencies in “historical literacy.” In this case, “historical literacy” means gaining a deep understanding of historical events and processes through active engagement with historical material.

What parent-helper to student ratio does The Reach require for field trips?

One adult for every 6 children.

What Contemporary Art Exhibitions are currently showing at The Reach?

Current Exhibitions

What does the Museum consist of?

Voices of The Valley

Can I adjust the number of participants I booked my field trip for?

Yes, up until 7 days prior to your field trip date.

How can payment for field trips be made?

In person at The Reach using Debit, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, cash or cheque made out to The Reach. You can also pay over the phone using a credit card (604) 864 8087 x 0.

Can each field trip participant pay The Reach separately?

No, payment must be made in one lump sum a minimum of 7 days prior to your field trip.

What is “Dark Time”?

Exhibitions change every 3 or 4 months with “Dark Time” between exhibition seasons when The Reach is closed to the public as we are under construction.

How do I request an EduKit for my classroom?

You can complete an EduKit request form in person at The Reach or online. (COMING SOON!)

Is there a cost associated with borrowing an EduKit?

No, these kits are free for teachers to borrow though a contract must be signed in case of loss or damage.