Donating to the Collection


Do you have a personal treasure, a family heirloom, significant piece of artwork, documents or recordings that you think should be part of The Reach’s collection?

Does the object represent the history and diverse cultural heritage of Abbotsford? The value of an object is increased when more is known about it. Who made it? How was it used? How did it come to be in your possession? The answers to these types of questions are important in our decisions to accept objects. We also look at the condition of the object, whether or not we already have similar artefacts, and the object’s exhibition potential. Therefore, please understand that we cannot accept all offers. The Curator of Historical Collections can assist you in contacting an alternate museum or archives into whose collections mandate the object falls or offer suggestions regarding other organization that can benefit from your donation.

How are potential donations reviewed?

For heritage collections, please contact the Curator of Historical Collections,  |  604-864-8087 ext 122, to discuss the suitability of the offered donation.

For artwork, please contact the Curator, Adrienne Fast,  |  604-864-8087 ext 125, to discuss your potential donation.

If the offered donation fits within The Reach Collections Policy it will be accepted. The Reach staff will prepare a Donation Agreement form, a legal document that certifies that the object is yours to donate and that you agree to assign all rights associated with the object to The Reach.

Will the item be displayed?

Historic objects and archival material are fragile and can be compromised by exposure to light, changes in temperature and other agents of deterioration. When an exhibition is being planned, objects and artefacts are selected according to their relevance to the exhibition theme and that’s when these treasures are placed on public display.

How will it be cared for?

Museums play an important role in the stewardship of a community’s shared past, and we house our collections in a climate controlled, secure storage space in order to protect them for future generations. Every donation requires hours of staff time. Objects entering our collections are inspected and cleaned, and fully documented. They are tagged and catalogued before being placed into storage.


The donor may request an Income Tax Receipt for the fair market value of the donation. For donations valued in excess of $1,000 the donation must be accompanied by a certificate of appraisal prepared by a professional appraiser or other person competent and qualified to evaluate the object. The Reach staff do not perform appraisals.

Oral Histories

The Reach has a number of oral histories already in our collection. We greatly value the stories shared by the people in our community and welcome new additions to this collection. The Curator of Historical Collections would be happy to speak to you about your stories.


The Reach collects photographs in two ways:

  • donate your photographs outright.
  • donate a scan of your photograph. Loan your photographs to The Reach and staff will scan each photograph for our digital archive and then return the photographs to you.

Please visit The Reach online photo archives to see how your photo may be made accessible to the community:

Thank you for your interest in preserving Abbotsford’s unique and fascinating heritage!